No Smart Classroom Without A Smart Display

Bestboard helps to modernize old-school blackboards into a supreme interactive touch display. By having infinite whiteboard space, teachers can now prepare, present, annotate, and share their teaching materials with ease to their students.

Yet The Old Way Remains And Works

Bestboard supports 20 fingers of touch, so at least a dozen students can still go to the front and simultaneously write the answer to the question on the display, just like they're used to.

Book Is Not Only Alive At Hogwarts

Bestboard has accurate touch sensitivity, making interactive objects appear alive on a flat panel, making students more willing to engage with the vivid and rich content on the screen.

Flipped Learning Is Bidirectional

Bestboard allows up to nine students to mirror wirelessly their essays on the large display; teachers can also mirror their course content on the display to all students' devices, such as a Chromebook or tablet.

Distant Learning Connects To The World

Bestboard has a built-in high definition camera that opens the door from one classroom to another which could be on the other side of the Earth; remote students can join the course at anytime, anywhere.