Corporate Collaboration

A Canvas-like Interactive Whiteboard Frees Up your Ideas

Bestboard provides infinite space to let you make annotations page over page, and the capacitive stylus lets you write effortlessly just like the pen you used to have.

Enable Video In Your Meeting Room

Bestboard has a built-in 4K camera, 6-microphone array, stereo speaker system and is compatible with all the major videoconferencing apps that allow anyone to participate in meetings anywhere. Now you can bring your remote teams to meet in one place!


Wireless Presentation Is The New PowerPoint 

Bestboard has a built-in wireless presentation server that allows your laptop or any other mobile device to mirror wirelessly your PowerPoint file on the big screen, making your presentation look effortlessly professional. No more hassles for those HDMI/VGA adapters, and say goodbye to your dongle life.

Meeting Minutes Matter

Bestboard can generate a QR code that allows the onsite participants to download and take-out all the meeting notes in a single file. You can also save and encrypt your meeting notes in Bestboard's internal storage for future meetings.

Private Cloud

Bestboard has an inbuilt access point router which supports WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac standards and can generate a closed network for all the on-premises participants to share their documents. This closed network is secured by a designated password and AES 256-bit encryption, so your privacy remains with you.

Make Any Place A Teamwork Space

Bestboard has an in-house designed mobile trolley that provides great flexibility to connect with your team and collaborate in various workplaces.

Apps Fueled By Android And Windows 10

Bestboard allows you to install APK files on it that enable you to access millions of Android apps and use them for your work, and the optional OPS computer also lets your workflow run as it was before, and your IT manager will be happy about it.

Manage And Authenticate

Bestboard has a room scheduling system which allows you to book a meeting room via email or manage directly on the panel, and the facial recognition camera can also authenticate a user's authority and control level to make sure things are in order.